Hello Everyone,

I was in hibernation yet again. I’m sorry. So I wanted to take a little detour about two weeks ago to write a contemporary standalone since I have so far only written serial novels.

Anyway, I write really fast so to me this was to be a piece of cake. Its a week plus now and I have gone about halfway with 37,000 words. However today for the last few days I woke up not being too excited about it anymore. I wanted to push on and to salvage what I thought was lacking but I realize that I really don’t want to.

Basically the crux of the matter is I want to write what I truly truly want to write. Stories that will notย just entertain me but will leave me feeling proud to put my name on top because in my heart it feels like a masterpiece. I want a story that shares my heart; my belief, my fears, my love, and fascinations and honestly to me the best story that truly embodies that so far is my recently published novel- ‘The Man Who Won the World’.

I’ve pushed it aside for a little while for my detour but I miss it so damn much, so I’m returning to it. Anyway this post is to announce a book cafe. I want to share my works with a broader audience so I have decided to upload them online for free on my book cafe. You can read it there and share it with your family and friends. This makes me really happy and excited.

Right now, ‘The Man Who Won the World’ has been fully uploaded there so for those still yet to check it out, you can access it there. There is a bookstore attached to the site so you can also purchase a copy. I really hope you like it. Have loads of fun. This is the link ‘CHINGU BOOK CAFE‘. Chingu means friends in Korean by the way, hehe.

Anyway I’ll be back soon with more updates. xoxo

Love, O.E.


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