What the fudge is she talking about? some of you may be wondering. Hasn’t she been writing a book all year?

Well I have, hehe, and it has been completed. Sort of. I had hoped that the book would be just one, but who was I kidding. The way its going it will be a miracle if it wraps up in three books. It’s a game of throny kinda book incase you’re wondering. But instead of it being set in medieval england, it is set in medieval Korea. Also instead of the characters fighting for a throne like in game of thrones, mine builds his own nation and throne. I have a blurb for it already, I’ll ponder more on if I should release it. This is my working cover for it. Meaning the cover for the rough mess of a draft on my laptop that no one will ever see cos it destroys all possible presumptions that I might just be a genius.


Anyway, when I write I like to have a working cover. The first one above is of the new book, and the one below is of the book I just finished a few days ago.. sort of. Again these are my amateur, five minute covers for motivation, and vision nurturing. They will forever remain in my laptop and for my eyes only.They are in no way connected to the final product.

Anyway, the book I just completed rounded off at 160,000 words. Yup, I’m insane I know. It rounded off at 160k, meaning, if you’re familiar with my books, the 160k is at a suiciding contemplating cliff hanger. In short, the start of the next book is literally the next chapter. It’s practically just a really long story divided into different books because you know, you can’t carry a 400k word book around, or however long this will be.

Damn this was meant to be a short post. Story of my life. Anyway I have sent off queries to agents and traditional publishers for this book so I do not think i will be self-publishing it. The crazy thing is that although the story is done for this first book, I still have hundreds of pages that need polishing but my impatience has already possessed me into sending almost thirty queries already. I’m hoping that by the time the requests come I will have a polished manuscript in my hand. Risky, I know, but I was getting kind of bored here. I need to be in a state of impending doom to feel as though I am alive.

Anyway about this new book, finally, I am too excited about this. Jesus. Anyway, this one is a much needed break. It will be shorter. The word count i envision will be about a 100k words but this is a contemporary story so it will not take me more than 2 or 3 months. The medieval one took me almost the whole year even though it is just 160k but the research in that took more than 80% of my time. Anyway, there is research in this, loads, but it is a contemporary book therefore i believe I’ll be done in no time. By January, I should have two full length, polished novels in my hands… Exciting times.

Anyway, I don’t really know how much to tell you of this one. I guess I’ll update you as time goes on, but just know that I’m as excited about it as I was with the one I just completed and as you all know, I fell hard and deep for that one. *clears throat*

Anyway, I thought I’d say more in this post, but now that I’m typing I find myself not wanting to reveal anymore. Bianeh, keurigu, saranghae. (I’m sorry, and I love you)

Anyway, I’ so happy at how much work I’m putting in…this all feels like a dream to me. To get to slug through something that I love so much day in and day out. I am indeed truely blessed.

Hope you all are leading fantabulous lives.

Love, OE



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