It’s time to edit.

No, I did not get to 100,000 words like I had thought I would with what was supposed to be the first 10% of the book but as of now, I’m at 65,754 words. The part that I was hoping would end at 50,000 words has now slowed down to a close at 66,000.

I still have one full chapter that will ensure I thoroughly conclude this section of the book but that would involve me meeting new characters and exploring new paths. I don’t think I’m mentally capable of that as at now. Plus I’m also concerned that if I do then I’ll just keep on writing. It’s better to pause now.

So I’ll start editing tonight.

I usually write while lying in bed or anywhere for that matter, but with this phase of the work, I have to be seated at a desk with notes of research around me, a pen by my side, junk food-of course, stable as f wifi(pardon my korean)- and a graveyard like surrounding. This level of serenity cannot occur in my bedroom. I contemplated our laundry room after hiding there from my mom on Sunday, but now, I’ve decided on our balcony.

It’s huge and all I can see are buildings and massive trees. That should work. The mosquitoes might give me a hard time, but thank God for onesies. I don’t have one but I’ll create one with a sweater, sweat pants and some socks. Here it is:


Anyway, thats it for now. I hope I make this happen because as you all know I  procrastinate difficult things. SIGHS. LET’S SEE HOW IT GOES. NIGHTY NIGHT.

Love, OE

BTW I have a video page up above where my YouTube videos on writing are. Make sure to check em out. XO!

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