I’m advocating these two bundles of awesomeness because the world for some reason pays the most attention to flashy things and ignores the gold buried underneath.

“Beautiful Mind and Another Miss Oh”

These are one of the best and most interesting KDrama’s I have ever come across and I want the world to know it. Because as beautiful as these are, as intense and real and passionate and deep as their story lines are, they are not topping the charts in ratings. They are almost being ignored and it hurts me so bad.

Instead, cliched and inconsequential dramas driven more by the popularity of their actors are making waves. I don’t fault anyone because that’s just the way of the world, but as a loyal member of the KDrama community, I will not let you get blindsided by flashy things.

These are gold and they’re hella beautiful!!!! GO DIG EM’ OUT AT ASIANTV.SE

BTW as you can tell I’m not editing yet. Guys I’ve been staring at my laptop screen for the last two hours. I don’t think I can do this… OMG…It’s so scary, its too hard! Where do I start from, there’s so much to find out about and include… I don’t want to crawl.



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