I’ve written and published three books so far, but since they were part of a series, I see them all as one. Anyway, in all that time, I’ve never put names in my chapters. I just go the lazy route and say chapter one, chapter two… and so on.

But this time I’m dragging out my inner genius. In short, I want to make the chapter names when combined together form the theme song of the book. As I write I feel like this could happen because I see a process. The innocence, the dreams, the disappointment, the heartbreak, the death, the hope… It could work.

But for now, I just divided them and wrote down the first thing that came into my mind as I divided the words into chapters yesterday.

I feel like most of these don’t make any sense, and they will all be refined later, but for now and at first thought, I think I did pretty well. They all represent the emotions in each chapter.

I’m quite impressed. I still feel it makes no sense though lol… but it’s all good fun. What do you think????

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.56.01 AM

Love, OE

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