My heart is dancing…

I thought you could only feel this way when you were in love… and anytime I was I tried my best to make it last, but it never does.

Lately my heart dances quite frequently, and each time I put my hand to my chest, Iย feel tears well up in my eyes. I’ve been writing for a few years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this the way I do now. I think its because at first I was unsure, and nervous and trying to build my skill. Can I do this? Is this for me? Am I kidding myself?

But after almost a few months of not seeing any colours, of being unhappy, of wondering if my heart would ever dance again, I’m amazed to see that it does now, so often that I’m almost always short of breath.

A few months ago I met someone whom I found quite fascinating. My heart started dancing as it does when we have a crush but it didn’t last. Some disappointing events took place, and in a few days I was back to seeing everything in dull colors again. But then I STARTED THIS BOOK.

Everything about it is a combination of my essence. My beliefs, my interests, my heart, my convictions… and it makes me feel so alive. It gives me hope again, it makes me tremble with excitement, and ponder in amazement. I knew when I started writing that I had found something that I loved doing, but as my skill developed, and my confidence increased, this love has blossomed into something increasingly more powerful.

I think it’s contentment. I deeply enjoy this; it keeps me up at night and I don’t mind, it makes my brain sweat and I don’t mind, It makes me confused and I don’t mind, it takes me beyond my limits and I don’t mind.

Im just so grateful because after so many years of searching, I’ve finally found what my heart beats for, what wakes me up, what makes me see colours in this life of ours that could become quite unexciting.

Thank you God… Thank you world…

Now let’s go work harder at making a living out of it… hehe. That’s the part that’s stressing me out, but I’ll get there. Because passion guarantees persistence and creativity. My success is inevitable.

But if it doesn’t come, I take solace in the fact that unlike so many I’ll never regret my days, because I lived everyday with my heart dancing, because I was so in love with what I set my hands to do.

Love, OE.


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