Hello everyone, its me again…and I AM TERRIFIED. Of course this might be me just being overly dramatic but this fear feels valid to me. I’m working on a new book which I absolutely feel that I’m not qualified enough to write, but so far its been going greater than I ever dreamed so I’m starting to believe that I have supernatural powers that have been laying dormant the past 22 years i’ve been alive.

Anyway, the book has a small intro before the main story and this intro usual takes about 5% of the entire book or a few chapters. It’s like the prepping of the oven before you ever even start mixing the ingredients. But fellow humans, I’ve been writing this for the last month and as at yesterday, I still had a lot of strings to tidy up. The entire thing just went out of my hands, and the funny thing is that there are no details in it yet, none. Just conversations between characters enough to make me know what the story is about. (That’s how I write by the way.)

Right now this supposed to be tiny part of the book is at 50,000 words, when i expected it to be about 15K. Now you might think that that’s not a big deal but all the books I’written so far and published, have never exceeded 85,000 words…I hope you’re beginning to see my problem here. I don’t like long books and I wanted to try and conclude this story in one book. FAT CHANCE!!!

I haven’t even started the story and I’ve already written a whole book by my standards. This book can’t exceed 150,000 words though because that equals 600 pages and I am not going to torture anyone into reading 600 pages in one sitting. So it means that this book might grow into two or more books. I’m hoping not. In this book however, I’m not following any rules.

Anyway I stopped today because I have to edit the mess that is the 50,000 words before i go on otherwise, i will find myself with 200,000 words to edit and HELLLLL NOOOOO!!!

So, I’m going to start editing today these 50k words, but I’m terrified because it is time for the details to come in and i hope i will be able to do it right. Now, i have to be brilliant and poetic, and deep and basically all the things genius writers are made of, and hehe… I’m terrified.

Anyway, that’s my writing status today. I am enjoying it though more than i ever thought possible and I am learning so many things as I go along. I will be sharing more of these on my You tube channel. I will resume posting videos but this time they will be centred more around writing since that is after all, what my heart beats for.

That’s it from me today, hope you’re all having a swell day and thanks for reading.

Love, O.E

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