Cover Reveal – The Truth of Never

Hello all,

imageI’ve been hoarding this cover for quite a while now because it signifies the conclusion to a story that I really don’t want to be done with.

Anyway now I’m sharing it with you all, and I hope you’re as excited as I am. As you can see, I stuck with the original concept from the second book, with slight changes to reflect the direction that this book will take.

P.S. Don’t assume thatย the color yellow signifies the HEA that a lot of you sweethearts have been hoping for.

Oh yes, Ive noticed the subtle ways I’ve been pressured by your messages to not go all korean drama on these characters and give them a sad ending.

Anyway, you’ll have to read the book to find out so I do hope you all are looking forward to its release. That will be on the 20th of October but you can preorder your copy here.ย PURCHASE

I suggest you do, to ensure you get yours the moment it’s released and avoid getting spoiled by the reviews that will definetely voice strong opinions. I’m ready for you all… Come at me with the potatoes.

Anyway, a big thank you to those of you who have absolutely loved this Trilogy. I can’t wait to share this final book with you as well as my upcoming works.

Also I will be sharing teaser quotes from the books andddd… *drumroll please* the first chapter for those of you I hurt with the last cliffhanger. My way of saying I’m sorry, kinda. Be rest assured that there will be no cliffhangers in this book- it is ending here. I hope. Hehe. Anyway, go preorder the book. It’s $2.99. Support your favorite cliffhanger fairy.

As always, feel free to shoot me any questions and enquiries at

Love, OE

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