Life Changes

image So first of all, I just had a pretty long uplifting chat with my parents, which was amazing so I just want to announce yet again, that I have the most amazing parents in the world. My best friend Edozie is currently pissed at me so I also want to use this medium to say I’m sorry. 😩😩

thirdly, I need a platform, so after much thought…guess what? I’m going to build one. This simply means that… I’m going to start a YouTube channel.

It is a little scary just thinking about it, and I have been considering it for quite a while but I’ve finally decided to do it. This is for various reasons but the first and most important is that I want to find a way to express myself. Those who know me personally are already aware that I am the biggest introvert in the entire world. No one can even argue this title with me. Mind you, I’m not shy, far from it, but I am an introvert. I don’t like going anywhere or doing anything -except writing-, or even dressing up and living life like I’m supposed to. I’m a hermit, and this I have decided, has to stop! Hence this decision. It’ll force me to engage more since I have to search for content constantly, and will enable me to share myself and my growth. Currently, I’m making preparations for this and planned to begin on my birthday which is coming up on the 18th of August but it might be sooner.

I’ll be coming to you all with more details, but I am pretty excited because once again it’s an amazing challenge that I’m ready to tackle an excel at..

Love, OE

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