The Book I was Born to Write

image Yup, I’m still not over Jumong. Just this morning I burst into tears again just thinking about it and I do not know what to do with myself. How can a story touch me this much? How can it make me feel like my insides have been torn into shreds… I’m far from an emotional person but this story has just shaken me to my very core.

the main character is my hero. From an idiot, he not only became great but he literally became a god. This story is the definition of hope and sacrifice. Anyway, it’s reminded me that there’s a story that I was born to write. I know exactly what it is about and I’ve been pondering on it for the last two years. In that time I’ve written other books, but I haven’t touched this one. I’m not ready for it. I don’t have the ability to right now. In so many ways it’s like Jumong, and for those kind of stories that are more than tales, it won’t take a year to write or even two.

I’m not ready, but it’s constantly in my mind. There are some things I have to experience and overcome for me to get to a place where I can write this story. It will be my contribution to the world. The greatest one that I can ever give.

Jumong was one of the stories that I had to come across for me to understand the severity of what I’m going to do. All I’m doing now is preparing to write this book and it might take years for me to get to a place where I’m qualified to.

In the mean time, go watch Jumong. You need to understand the meaning of hope, purpose and pain, and nothing else shows it to you better than this story.

Love, OE.

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