It Finally Happened ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

imageย I’m going to try really hard to organize my thoughts but I doubt my current ability to make that possible.

It finally happened. A story finally messed up my heart. Its never happened before, so each time I’ve heard people say they cried because of a book I’ve always wondered if I was too cold hearted, because no matter how emotional it might be, it still is just a story.

But life was waiting for me. ย Before I go on, this story is none other than Jumong. It’s a korean historical drama that has 81 episodes, and each episode is an hour long. That right there was my first problem when I heard about the drama. Was the world insane? Nothing could ever make me waste that much time on a story…I have responsibilities. So I started it just to skim the first few episodes because I needed a break from academic work. Sighs. This story has mauled my heart.

I’ve been sobbing for two days now and I cannot make myself stop. I caught myself crying in the shower and I was like wow….just wow. The most important thing this story taught me was the power of leadership. I know a lot about leadership,Ive read a lot about it, and have held numerous leadership roles but never in my life have I seen the true power of leadership until this drama. I usually avoid stories with little or no romantic element in it and that was what made me hesitate when I first heard of this drama. But as of now, I can’t even count how many times I almost fast forwarded past the little romantic storyline that was present. The romance pissed me off but the story in itself, has broken me into pieces. I still can’t believe it.

The dude in the picture is the main character. And looking at that picture is making me sob all over again. He looks regal there doesn’t he? But what makes me sob everytime is when I think of who he was at the beginning of this story. He was an idiot. A coward and an insult to the greatness that was his father. But before my very eyes, I watched the stupid little boy that I was irritated by at every turn, turn into a man that I respect. It’s a story, but I caught myself just staring at him when he changed and became great. I was in awe. I was shaking… I was struck.

‘Give a man a purpose and you can turn thieves into heroes.’

The moment he found his purpose and started pursuing it, I watched this former idiot become someone that I fell completely in love with. His companions were thieves, but he turned them into heroes. He established a nation, and changed the history of the world.

Im sobbing again as I write this and I can’t believe it. The impact this story has had on my life, I cannot express. It reminded me of exactly why I write. To send a message that needs to be heard. Stories are magic, I swear. I’m not even sure if anything am saying right now makes much sense but this story has changed my life. I learnt more than I could have ever believed possible. I learnt about politics, I learnt about greatness, I learnt about perspective, I learnt about love, I learnt about loyalty and most importantly I learnt about leadership. Nothing teaches you leadership more than this. Nothing.ย My God. I’m a wreck. I don’t even know how to handle myself right now. I havent finished this drama. I have about ten episodes left but I had to stop because if I do finish it, I’m going to be useless for at least the next three days. I have a project to submit on Monday and I cannot afford that.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake… shall find it.

Ive always thought about this scripture in the bible as the foundation for my life but this story, as it followed the decisions and paths of different people, has made me understand this scripture a hundred times more.

In conclusion, I’m still sobbing. This was far from a sad story, but it was a story about greatness, purpose, consequences and leadership, and the impact that these can bring a world that is so dark. Find the time and watch this drama. It is based on actual historical events. Stories are not just for entertainment, but it’s for changing lives. I’m a writer, and my only wish is that with the books I continue to write that I can become better enough to write stories such as this. Stories that inspire you, encourage you, teach you, and quite literally, drive you to get off your butt, and go save the world.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but this is the greatest story I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s not for everyone but for those it is for, you’ll never be the same.

Love, O.E

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