All is Well! 🙌


I had an amazing editing day today.

You have to understand first of all that I don’t have amazing editing days, I hate editing. In fact I’m owing a post here about editing just because at this point there’s so much to say about how much I hate it and the post can quite easily turn into a novel.

But today, I don’t know what happened. I breezed through the sections I was supposed to edit for “the way to never.’ By the way it’s almost done. I’ll be releasing some teasers too.

I really enjoyed today. It was one of those working days were everything was just perfect. I was happy and I laughed as I edited. It was strange and once again I was reminded of why I love writing so much. These days are rare so when they do happen I’m going to celebrate them. I was really happy today. Like really happy.

Maybe it was because I went for a run in the morning and I feel accomplished. I haven’t exercised in months but I’ve been eating a lot of junk food so I’ve been feeling kind of out of shape and stressed. But again, today was a really good day. 🙌

P.S: I still hate editing.

Love OE ❤️❤️

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