Debut Novel Update! 🎬

Hello dear readers, today I bring you updates! *Drumroll*

It’s nothing terribly exciting, but I am happy to share. As is written everywhere on this site, my debut novel -The Beginning of Never- will be released on the 28th of April. Today I received the samples for the cover and was hopeful, because although it still isn’t evoking the tears of joy and awe that I want, I can say that it might very well get there because I was impressed. I sent it back for corrections and can’t wait to show you all. It should be officially released in the coming week.

Beyond the cover is the editing, which is coming along smoothly. I now have a fabulous editor who is ensuring that all looks and sounds well, but more on that later. Right now, I’m deeply involved in writing the sequel to the novel. I started it towards the end of last year but paused it briefly to focus on other more pressing engagements. But I’m back to it now and all I can say is that if you survive the self-doubt and roller coaster of emotions that come with writing a first draft, you can survive anything.

As Stephen King so aptly put it and I’m paraphrasing here, writing fiction, especially a long one is like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bathtub. This is my all time favourite writing quote. It holds so much truth to it that every time I take my mind back to it, it encourages me. This sequel will be the third full length novel I’m writing, and I can tell you that the process still feels like I am indeed crossing the Atlantic in a bathtub. Although in my case, it feels more like I’m making the commute in a bucket. Still there are the highs and then there are the lows; the awe of the sunrise and the fright of the sunset. There is no doubt that it will be finished, after which a million edits will follow. Eventually, someone has to physically pry the book out of my hands so that I do not ruin it with my need to convince myself that it is everything but absolute rubbish. This my dear friends, is the cycle of my writing life.

On the matter of books written by other fabulous people, I am still contemplating my read for the week. After the Mason’s list, I want to delve into other waters. I picked up Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan but imageI’m still not over the Mason’s List so I don’t think I can stomach any more romances for the week. The Art Forger however, is something I stumbled into and it is so completely different from what I usually devour, that I am eager to see what it can do to me. So far, I have started it and will probably be able to come to you with a review by the weekend. The full expose on what my debut is about will also be released soon, and in it’s own shiny new page, so be on the look out for that. As always, feel free to comment or follow me on any of my other platforms. They’re all stationed on the sidebar. I just set up my professional Instagram and Facebook pages so feel free to pop in and like or follow. Would love to have you in my circles. Cheers, and thanks for reading. 🍺

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