Book Review: The Mason List


So, I have just spent the entire day reading “The Mason List” by S.D. Hendrickson and I am almost reluctant to write this post because I do not feel that I can do it justice in any way. This book was amazing; it was breathtaking and as my friend Uyi would say, it had just the right amount of everything.

It follows the life of Jess and Alex from age 8 to 26. How they fall in love and through all the hurdles that they go through. I don’t want to say anything else in case I spoil anyone reading that hasn’t gotten the book yet, but seriously, go get the book. Like right now.

I bought it almost a week ago but kept putting it off because it was so long but I finished a 120k plus book in one sitting, and only paused to take a phone call from my mom. With an attention span literally the length of a breath, it was nothing short of a miracle. I’m picky with books, I’ve mentioned that before, but this was worth every precious moment of my time.

And the writing was so fantastic that I felt jealous and impressed each time I turned a page. At first I wasn’t too impressed because she is a debut author and I expected the debut author writing, if that’s a thing. And it was present in the beginning but as she relaxed into the story, it became one of my all time favourite reads. So I celebrate this author who has taken a step out there and shared her work with the world. She inspired me to do the same about three weeks ago when I first heard about her, and so I wish her the very best.

In conclusion, I’m giving this book 4.5 star rating.

P:S this isn’t really a book blog but I will always share my thoughts on books I read. Hopefully they can inspire you to go pick up great books.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Mason List

  1. I just read your post on The Mason list so I decided to buy it on my Kindle that my sister gave me for christmas. The book has great reviews so I can’t go wrong plus I need something to read riding the subway or tramway in Paris. So thank you.


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