The Prodigal Blogger

I have been M.I.A for a while, I know, but I’m back now and let me warn you all, you’re going to get tired of me. But please don’t. hehe. So I have a class in an hour so this is a quick post before.

My Novel – The Beginning of Never- is coming out soon!

Yes… Yes… I just said that. And truthfully, I can more than wait because it is scary. No more hiding behind the fact that friends and some few strangers absolutely love the book, but now, I have to actually put it out there and begin a journey. So I’m excited and terrified all at once, but no worries, it will all be okay.

Right now I’m in the final everything. Final edits, final design, final second thoughts… hehe

Seriously though, I’m ready to become serious and actually work my ass off for my dream. Hope you all will support me as I go along. I’ll be posting quotes and excerpts from the book as I go along and soon, the blurb and then the cover reveal…you know the drill. It’s an amazing journey, though not easy, but it will be more than fine. It has to be. *looks away*

Anyway, time for class. See you soon.


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