Book Review: Captivated by you


Hello everyone,

Today, I come with good tidings. I finally got around to reading ‘Captivated by you’ the fourth installment in the crossfire series and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. We’ve had to wait for the book forever and it delivered on just what it promised. My friend initially said that she didn’t like the approach sylvia day took this time by including Gideon’s point of view so I went into it expecting to be disappointed, but I wasn’t. I really liked his point of view and overall the book was entertaining even more so than the previous ones. But I do have some complaints… Don’t we all. Readers are as ridiculously needy as writers.

My major concern was how cheesy the book was becoming.., I rolled my eyes a lot, but it was an acceptable kind of cheesy so I’m not flat out outraged and damaged. Lool.

Anyway, I sincerely also wonder why the series is still ongoing. This is a story that should have been completed in a trilogy but it’s going on to the fifth book now. This one was a little too short for my liking and even the others and a lot of people are saying that she is stretching the series out for no reason. I don’t have any comments on that except to say that the books should have been longer because to an extent I really enjoy the world she’s created here. Although it’s highly unhealthy, dysfunctional and unrealistic, it’s still fun. I was able to get lost in it for a couple of hours last night and for me, that’s always more than enough because it’s so hard to find books you love enough to read at a stretch.

Overall it was a very entertaining read and as soon as I was done I went to the New York Times list and as expected, it is the number one bestseller for the week. let’s hope it stays there a little while longer.


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