Writing Hell

I need to rant. I’m not even joking, and since my best friend Is thousands of miles away, I’m going to do it here. This is in the hopes that’ll I’ll feel better after I’m done so picture me yelling every single word of this, but in my mind… of course. I’m not crazy. Yet.

In the past year I have written more than 200,000 words, and almost three novels. Through it all, I’ve had bad times and good times, but never have I felt so angry in my entire life. I have an academic essay I have been writing for the last 3 weeks and it’s due today. No panic, I’m almost done, but my God! I cannot count how many times I had the thought. “I feel like I’m dying.” as I worked through it.

Guess what? the essay is just 3,000 words. I have written 10,000 words for my novel in hours and I’ve been tormented for 3,000 over three weeks, and for a cause I don’t even care about. Is this fair, I ask. It is not. I am a writer, and I love it, but it is obvious that when it comes to academic essays, there’s no greater hell for me.

*Takes a deep breath and returns back to proof reading the essay from hell.*

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