The Miracle of Now

Hello dear readers,


It’s 5:30 am in lancaster, but for the last two hours, i’ve been in New York.  Last night I was in Scotland int the 17th century and today, who knows where I’ll be? Lol. I was watching Carrie Bradshaw write and express through writing and last night I joined Diana Gabaldon as she did the same. I’ve never really thought about why I love writing so much but today, this morning, I’ve come close to figuring it out.

Watching the outlander series by Diana last night, one thing that struck was how much back then, people spoke with their eyes. A ten seconds stare could be more than enough to express beyond what words could, exactly what you wanted someone to know, but were too afraid to say. How you want them to feel. And as I watched, I kept on thinking, how today, we’ve lost that to a lot of things.

And I repeat… Things. Like phones and iPads and TV, when back then, they weren’t so occupied. When was the last time you looked into someone’s eyes when you were talking to them, and actually tried to be present. To focus on whatever they were saying, or not saying… To be aware of exactly where you where… How bright was the sun that filtered through the window… How different was the air from yesterday… Did you even notice it?

Our world is so fast nowadays that to calm yourself enough to just listen, and observe, and communicate, doesn’t occur to anyone. Instead we’re thinking of the million and one things we have to do,and the million and one things we have to say. The future and the past, but never the present. And do you know what the funniest things is? Right at this moment, right at this second…

The present is all we have

That is what writing does for me. That is what stories do for me. Without them, I sincerely believe as human beings that, we will be lost. We would have no sense of direction, no foundation or pillar to hold us down. Stories slow you down, and take you into a place you otherwise would never have known. They make you feel, and think and wonder,… And laugh, and cry, and smile, and just be amazed, at how complex and simple, the world truly is.

Stories I think, are one of the most powerful things in the world, because just like music, they slow you down… And bring you back to what really matters. Your ability to think and feel and wonder at the miracle, that is now.



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