Reviews and TBR (To Be Read)

Hello guys….


I promised a review on this book and here I am with it. Don’t worry about spoilers  I couldn’t finish it so I don’t really know what happened. Anyway, I went to YouTube to check out what other people thought of the book and was shocked, really. The good part is that a lot of people like it…it’s currently on the NYT bestsellers series list. Apparently it’s indulging and intriguing and freaky. So I recommend you all try it out. It’s worth a try or two. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer so I know how hard it is to write a book not to talk of publishing one, so I can’t really say everything I felt about it. However, it is my blog, and irrespective of my incredible respect for anyone crazy enough to write a book, I will say this.

I could not, get through this book.

Maybe it’s because I’m picky, but for someone who loves books, I was bored out of my mind. Especially in my ‘change mangement’ class when I decided to catch up on it. I read a few lines from where I had left off and closed it in anger. It was like shooting yourself in the head to cancel out the poison that was already running through your system. Like somehow, the two death acts would cancel out themselves…

Forgive the awkward metaphor, but this was exactly what I thought in class. The poison was the class itself and the book a loaded pistol. Anyway that wasn’t too harsh, I hope. One thing that irked me so much was the word play in the writing. The dialogue felt so unreal and in almost every scene I found myself asking… “Do people actually talk like this in real life?”

Then it was clogged down with cliches and the book after 200+ pages didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. But when I watched reviews on you tube, a lot of people thought it was beyond fascinating so please, don’t pay attention to me. Anyway, I thought to get through it because for a writer, reading is a job as well as a hobby, and in every book, you learn something. I picked it up this evening intending to finish it once and for all but I just couldn’t read another word, despite the rave.

So that’s it for me. I still recommend you try it because again , everyone is different.  So you might like it but I have to give my eyes a rest now from all the eye rolling I’ve subjected them to. I feel bad for saying all this because again, I know how hard it is to write but that’s my honest review. And it’s just the surface of what I thought…. An in depth sharing would be too brutal.



Anyway my next read is outlander by Diana Gabaldon and I want to say that this is an incredibly beautiful cover. Incredibly beautiful. Incredibly… I cannot stress that enough. Again, from book tubers I got the recommend. Specifically ‘abookutopia’ and she really helped me. This is because I’ve picked up this book numerous times and despite the rave, have never been able to get through it. She admitted too that the first 200 pages where difficult to get through but from then onwards the the book was a blast. So I’m happy and now willing to get past those pages so that finally, I can be entertained.

Sighs. I miss those twilight days when I literally shook on my chair from reading. The writing wasn’t all that but I was thoroughly entertained. I cared and felt and loved. And I cried, and laughed and shivered. Yup…that’s all I need in a book, irrespective if how it’s written and none have come close since then. Except some of Julie Garwoods novels and merlin- but that’s a tv show.

Anyway thanks and till next time.  As always you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts, especially if you’ve read any of the above mentioned books.

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