Crazy Query

Guys, today I’m bringing you the query I’m going to send to agents. In my proprietary opinion, it’s almost crazy but you know,… don’t know what else to do. I’ve written so many and read so many tips and seen so many examples, but at the end of the day, none seems right to me. It’s either there’s too much detail, or there’s not enough, or I’m not sure which is going to strike the right chord or which is going turn the agent off. Guys, I’m tired, so I’ve decided to go rogue.

Seriously I don’t advise any one of you to do this, as a query is supposed to be all traditional and polished but I just can’t produce one that I believe in enough. So I’m doing what feels right…lol. and fun. If it works, trust me you all will be the first to know. Here goes. I’d love to here your thoughts.

P.S: For those of you who don’t know a query is like a proposal you send to a literary agent. If they like it, they agree to represent you and then send your work to publishers. If they like you….BAM! you’re published. It sounds simple but trust me… crossing the Atlantic ocean in a bucket is probably easier. I’m not even joking.

Dear Agent,

The beyond reason trilogy is an exhaustive romantic escapism, and given your interest in YA, I thought that it might be a good addition to your list. It tells the exhilarating tale of harebrained American – Lenora Grace Baker- and Utopian Portuguese –Nathan Alexandre Roque- as they meet in Lancaster Castle Academy; an elite boarding school in North West England. I have written and re-written queries to suit this book but nothing seems okay to me, and it’s not because I’m not a good enough writer. I’m too much of a perfectionist.

So, I’ve taken an extract from the book for you to go through. If it interests you then please, ask for the rest and if not, thanks for your time.

“What are you saying?” I cried out softly, my panic, evident on the edges. He took a deep breath and held my gaze even more deeply. I had moved forward without realizing it and was now only standing a few feet from him.

“I’m saying that this is not the right time for us.”

“Why?” I asked my voice laced with hurt.

“We already have too many battles, and there will be so many more that we’ll have to fight on the way and, none of them, will be worth it.”

“It will be.” I argued and saw the moment he decided to try to make me understand. I didn’t wait for him.

“…. And you can say whatever you want to but the fact still remains that, you’re not willing to try.”

“That’s my point.” He said in harsh tone and rose to his feet. “I don’t want to try when there’s a very huge chance that we might not work. In fact we won’t work, because we’re still too young and uncertain. Neither of us completely knows where we’re going yet and until we do, I am not willing to gamble away the one thing I do know that I want.”

I snorted. “You’re just being selfish.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think I’m being, because in time, you’ll come to see the truth of what I’m saying. We’re not going to be together and then fail; I’ll never recover from that. I won’t want to recover from that so I’m going to hold out, until I can be the very best for you.”

“You’re pretty good now.” I said and he managed the driest laugh I’d ever heard.

“That’s what you’d like to believe but I can assure you, I’m a mess, and so are you.”

Complete at 75,000 words, the first book- DAZED- tells the story of how they deal with their unbelievable attraction for each other and the challenges that come with it until they’re drastically separated at the end of the book. They meet, twelve years later and in the second book –CLAIMED- where they have to decide on how to proceed; Submit to the still mind-boggling craze for each other or choose to cling to past hurts and go their different ways.”

The third book – MADE- I will begin writing as soon as I get representation for the first two. Sample chapters are in the body of this email, per your submission guidelines. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Absolutely Unusual Writer.

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