Updates and Poetry

Hello again and also today, a short post is intended . Let’s hope it stands.

Today I bring you a poem from a darling friend of mine. We’re writers together in the race to become authors and that, I expect all around the world should be sufficient reason enough to totally love someone…lol. Any way I’ll be posting one of hers down below and some more I expect as time goes by. So if you read them feel free to drop a comment or two, on ways she can improve or offer  a critique even. 😊

Next on todays agenda is an update on my reading of ‘the unbcoming of Mara Myers’- the book I started a few days ago. I’m more than halfway in and its not because I’m a slow reader.

The problem is that I am an indisciplined reader and a student. That means that I have started on another novel in the last few days- Prep by Curtis Sittenfield- thereby tripling my workload.


And also have an essay due that has literally turned me into a sleep deprived zombie plus an exam this Friday. So you see, I’m not lazy at all. ̄ˍ ̄

Anyway I’ll be able to finish the unbecoming soon and I’ll post that review but i will say this for now. Only a few books have been able to make me not care about looming essay deadlines or other titles. They’ve made me throw caution  to the wind with the belief that my completing them will be fundamental to my happiness. Yes, they have been that good. But unfortunately ‘the unbecoming’ is not one of them. More on that soon.

Cheers. O_o

The distant river by Uyi

You hear the sounds so far away,

The sounds of tumultuous waves

Beating over smooth stones,

Giving and taking away from shore.

You hear the occasional roar of thunder,

Crackling and frightening

Troubling the still waters

Angering the waves…

And when the moon, in her full glory

Comes out to play

She calls out her undersea friends;

The game fishes and the eager mermaids

And they dance round and round

Till ripples become the moon’s reflection.

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