Course correction

Hello everyone….💃

So it’s been ages since I’ve actually written here, at least I feel like it has and it’s not because I’ve been lazy. Far from that. I’ve actually been so preoccupied and so have had very little to say.  Anyway today, I come with updates.


I can’t find the emoticon for that so I say – Trumpet blare…. 🎺 Hehe

Anyway this blog post is going to be really short because I have a ton of work to do. So first of all I’ve been considering self publishing and actually actively working towards it for a December release but I’m happy to announce that as of today, I have decided not to.

I mentioned in my last post that until I got the final confirmation I wouldn’t venture into that and today I did because I finally slowed down from all the work and deadlines and editing and writing and research and bookcover designs and school project and sleepless nights and all those things that have  generally started to make writing almost seem like a nightmare to me.

I got the intended bookcover designs this morning and although it was fantastic, i realized suddenly that this wasn’t what I wanted. I mean self publishing is a fantastic idea but as of now I’m putting a stop to my plan towards it. I sat down today and for the first time in weeks examined my heart because it always has the right answers for me and I finally realized what it had been trying to tell me all along

“you need to be patient.”

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do and I’m so excited about it because I have two books that I’m going to start writing before this year runs out and two others that I’m going to be editing and I cannot wait. So I’m going to still be working my ass off but not for marketing strategies for my books but on being a better writer, writing more stories, and reading more books. And I have so missed reading because I have not had the breathing space or time to do that. Now I can and whilst I am living and doing my possible best I am going to start querying agents because that is the path I should be on.

I remember I said this post was going to be short, but oh well. Pardon me. This decision is based on the fact that even though something might look right (self pub) it is not always the best for you because there is only so much I can see from the bottom of the mountain. God is at the top of the mountain so he sees all and when he says “baby, slow down, I’ll get you a publisher.” that is exactly what I’m going to do.

So today I feel at peace once again because this contemplation that has been constantly raging in my head for weeks has finally been sorted out. I literally almost freaked out in class today because I could not stop thinking about it and so now I’m beginning my return to course by reading this book.


It is the first in a trilogy by Michelle Hodkin and I have read fantastic reviews about it. I am so excited because it’s the first time in so long that I’m actually going to slow down enough to enjoy my everyday moments. I’ll let you guys know how it is. So in essence I’m going to still be working as hard as I have been but towards being traditionally published and I cannot believe how lighthearted I feel by this decision. It confirms it’s truth to me. So that’s me for today.  As for tonight I have about five queries to send out, a book to continue editing and a second to finish. Then I’ll start on this book just before I go to bed which if you’re wondering is usually at 5am. Yup…. Success has it’s price. Anyway bye and see you soon.

Cheers and as always you’re absolutely welcome to leave your thoughts and comments down below. 😍😊

Till next time my sweets and remember; “always stay true to your heart because it always knows the right way to go.”


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