THE TRIPLE ‘P’ PHASE (post prostitution phase)

Hello to you all and for those of you just visiting this blog for the first time – either because you stumbled upon it (led by the ever loyal angels working in my favor) or because of the provocation of the title (you’d be surprised as well as I was by the traffic I got off of the last one)- I want to say a hearty welcome and to dash your hopes a little.

And no, I am not a prostitute: never was, and never will be. It’s all a metaphor and a brilliant one If I may add.

So, the “post prostitution phase” -believe you me, it’s a thing- and what have I been up to since my last post?

You see making affirmations like that one requires you to think even harder of what you have to do, because as much as it strengthens your dedication, so also does it make you realize that you’re swimming across the ocean and the only reality of a shore is the one that you have in your heart. The good news is that it is the most powerful reality you can fathom because it has the possibility of coming true while the bad news is that if somewhere along the way you take your eyes off that picture, you are going to drown.

So what do you do? You make damn sure that your eyes remain on that picture in your heart and as much as you possibly can, to expand it, because as you continue to swim across the waters it will get harder, however, an ever increasing picture is always guaranteed to keep you fighting except of course, you don’t give a damn anymore, and are more than willing to drown.

If that is your case, then this blog is not for you and so I’d strongly suggest you wander away but be sure to bookmark it to return to in the near future, when there will be posts on the updates of the progress of my published books. Maybe then you’ll believe me when I say that:

Drowning is NOT an option

Since my last post I’ve gone back to read Amanda Hocking‘s blog and while at it I’ve been amazed by the story it tells. It begins from just a few years ago when she began posting news on how discouraged she was from the countless rejections she’d been getting from literary agents to how she began her self publishing journey and now how she’s enjoying the success that her books have attained. One thing continuously hammered into me as I read along her posts was that not once was drowning ever an option. She whined about it, she complained, but never, through all her frustrations was it ever an option because as she said- and this is taken from the September 7, 2009 post on her blog:

At the end of the day, despite all the rejection and pain, the thing that makes me the happiest is writing. And maybe that’s the point. Even if I can’t get paid to do something I love, at least I can do something that I love. At least I have that.

I gave a similar answer to this answer on my last post for “why I ever thought I could be a writer” but that aside, did I mention that she went on to sell 1.5 million copies of her self published books over the course of 20 months, made $2.5million and thereafter signed a $2.1million publishing deal? Well just incase you missed the memo, you can read the entire story as published by the guardian here and hers as published on her blog.- here.

Whether I mention the money or not or seem focused on it, it doesn’t really matter because you cannot NOT drown unless this is what you have dedicated your heart to. This means no more bridges to fall back on, and no more prostitution. Again, refer to my previous post, if you are still unclear of what I am talking about.

My point in this post is this: Now you’ve made the decision, now what? Now you’ve dived into the ocean, the bridge is in flames and crumbling behind you, now what?


You swim because that’s all you can do, but the second most important thing I’m going to say is this:


But not all of them guarantee that you reach the shore that you have envisioned in your heart. You can reach the shore that others have reached, or the ones that they want you to reach and its okay, but for me that will never be enough because the only shore that matters, is the one that I see.

In the past few days i’ve increased my efforts to learn and find other avenues because over the past few months i’ve received too many rejections to count and although none of them have even for a moment shaken my resolve (because there’s no bridge to swim back to) I am kind of getting bored by the formulaic “thanks but no thanks.”

So now I’ve started considering self-publishing and so I’m working towards it although I haven’t entirely made the decision. That is based on my personal principles and so I’m still leaving a door open until I get the confirmation I need because once I say it’s a yes, then I will not go back on my word. So if eventually I do decide to, my work will be going out in December of this year and so i’ve set up a plan to enable me work actively towards it.

Right now, I’m going through heavy edits of my available works and researching on the different aspects that I have to consider before time. I’m also doing the second most important thing I can do for myself aside from working my ass off and that Is research, because a wise man once told me:

Common sense gets you Common results.

In the midst of all this I have to find a way not to neglect my postgraduate studies which I have to say is more demanding than my undergraduate was, to which I am utterly amazed and slightly annoyed.  So yes, after this post I’m Investing hours to write, I’m still going to be up for a further three reading and summarizing a journal article I have to present on monday morning. I should probably also mention that i’ve been on my desk, writing and researching since 12pm this afternoon. I did however go out at 6pm for a chinese dinner with some of my classmates, but I was back by eight and have been hard at work till now.

image      image


So yes there are different ways to swim and I am a firm believer in the impossible. I am also a firm believer in the price you have to pay to attain that impossible. So my question for you today is…

“Are you willing…”

You determine the rest.

Would absolutely love to hear from you in the comments session. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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