I Refuse To Be A Prostitute

This post is for the dreamers and the believers. The optimists about to turn pessimists and the fighters about to throw in the towel. My advice for you is this; Ask yourself the question- Why did you ever think you could be a writer or travel down the creative path that has always promised to open a pandora’s box of petty frustrations and  brutal self doubt?

 I’d always had the answer to this question but it’d been pushed to the bottom of my heart- into a deep dark corner with its light that illuminates and forges the way shadowed- by the far more fleeting, delusive but heavier feeling of anguish. Anguish of hardwork seemingly wasted and dedication indubitably unproductive. Untill I came across this post which I highly suggest you all read: Link in the comments session. 👇

 It did a lot of things for me which I’m sure it will for you, but from all I felt and saw the one thing that it brought to light was the answer to this question. Why did I think I could be a writer?

because it is the one thing that I want to do.

Answer seems bland doesn’t it? But I can assure this was all I needed to be reminded of, and it  got me to jump out of bed and back to brushing the dust off my typewriter. It got me to renew my efforts with starlight oomph, because the plain truth is that, if I could choose anything in the world that I’d want to do it’ll be to write and be successful at it. To do that I’m willing to learn and to continue to do what ever it takes because to pursue any other because I’ve given up on this would be the greatest regret of my life. I know that as surely as I know that I can speak english. “Pun most definetly intended.”

Presently and in my postgraduate course at Lancaster University, job opportunities and careers in noble pursuits have been thrown at me like cash at a prostitute and I’ve been more than tempted to sway. To jump in for the ride and take what I can get instead of aiming and waiting for something else. Not something better- Something else. Something that I truly want which will guarantee a love that will take me through the turmoils and pleasures of life instead of a dash of short term gratification, guaranteed to eventually leave me empty and wanting for more.

This realization and the willingness to act on it is the one thing that doesn’t make me a prostitute and so I refuse to be swayed to settle. I can do almost everything, I thoroughly believe, but amongst all there Is one that I want above all to check among the list because it validates all others like ice cream to toppings. That is to write and be successful at it. So even though the mountains loom tall I choose to be dedicated as it is the true test of persistence, a quality that most definetely seperates the sheep from goats. So my question for you is what is that one thing that lights your candle? Be true to it and remeber, as Vince Lombardi so aptly put it

 Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.


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