Hello everyone. So today I have sad news but an encouraging attitude so fear not. MackenzieFinally got back to me and as it was the first time I got her acceptance so it happened when I got her rejection. My life flashed before my eyes. However, I quickly managed to snap out of the gloom that stood by, its hands rubbin against each other just waiting for me to beckon it. I refused.

      I decided to do what I always did when I was low and scoured the internet for encouragement. I found wildly successful authors speaking about rejections they received for their work, some ranging in the hundreds. But somehow something kept them going. Something saw them through the pain and pushed them to improve and continue the search till eventually they were greatly rewarded, because the same works that were dissed found favor in the eyes of millions and that is what really counts. 

So all in all to be a writer first and most of all you have to completely believe in your work other wise you will be tossed away by unforgiving storms that will come. Only the strong and persistent survive. Now I’m working even harder than before to finish my series. I’ve also started querying again and that also lead me to an article on how a bad agent is worse than no agent. The implications stated were more than frightening enough so I’ve decided to watch out for the list of people that I feel are the most qualified to propel my dream and I deserve nothing less. 

      If at the end none of them accept I won’t go running to any tom dick and Harry but will take the self publishing route. Many have gone down that path and found their rejectors coming back to them with their tail between their legs. Not to diss and I do respect evryones contribution in the industry but as a writer you have to stick to your guns and the hardest and most important thing that you’ll ever do is create something and completely believe in it. That is the key to your success, because when you believe in something no one can stop you.

      I’ve gone through the blogs of now successful authors and read their struggle through eventually getting published. Aprillyn Pike and Amanda hocking. They expressed their discontent and sadness over the rejections they received as well as the thoughts of self doubt that plagued them. Those were their posts months ago but their posts now are about thrill, excitement and fulfillment because what they once dreamed had become a reality. So dreams do come to pass but only in the lives of the persistent. 

     Cheers. 🍺

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