Julie Garwood

First of all I’d like to say that I’m a picky reader. Don’t get me wrong I read a lot and I’ve been doing so forever but I’m very picky because just a few things can hold my interest. I read a lot of non-fiction books but my first love will always be fiction. And not just any fiction but romance fiction. Now that I’m a writer and have my own novels, I’ve forced myself to branch out in my reading in order to expand my knowledge and I’m steadily going through the classics. STEADILY.

However a book without any romance in it would always be like me going to the gym. I can’t enjoy it but the gain is for a greater good. I’ve asked myself why and I feel it’s because the romance genre completely pulls at all your emotions. I’m not a romantic at all so it has nothing to do with that but there’s something about a very good romance novel, that brings the right balance and indulgence. It tugs at all the dead strings inside of you and ignites countless feeling throughout the time you’re lost in their world but still, only a few romance books can do this.

And to me it’s always seemed to be once in blue moon. So much that I wished I could erase parts of my memory where they are lodged just for the opportunity to read them all over again. What’s harder to find is an author that makes me want to read more than one of his or her books because it’s usually just one out of their list that does it for me. Recently I’ve found Julie garwood and after more than a decade of reading I can finally say my favourite author is she.

She’s definitely not the best author out there and has not written one of the mouth droppingly famous titles so why her you may ask? It’s a number of things. First, it’s the way she writes- she assures you that she’s human so that you’re not overly jealous but at the same time there’s a very significant amount of respect. She gets right to the point with no preambles that make you roll your eyes till you start wondering why you’re even bothering. Also her characters are amazingly familiar because they reveal you in one way or the other and thirdly most of her ideas seem very formulaic. This should be a bad thing I know but that’s the magic. Her ideas are similar, but each still manages to leave you with a more powerful impression than the last one and so you’re not offended at all but blessed. Doubly so. I’ve managed to shuck most of my dire responsibilities for the thrill of engaging in her novels and I have no single regret.

Now having read a lot of her books I have the utmost confidence that at every point in time she’ll be more than able to supply what I as a reader want and since this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way it’s is a very big deal. Now and after such a long while of searching I finally have an answer to the question I’ll no doubt be asked in future interviews- who is your favorite author.

😍 Lots of love to Julie Garwood and thank you for finally catching my heart.



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