Hi everyone. I don’t have much to say today but I know from experience that I’m still going to fill this blog post so have fun watching me. 🌟

first of all and concerning the editing of my first book, I’ve still been crawling with it and I don’t have to ask why. The pressure is not to boiling point… Yet, so I sent out another query to MacKenzie FRaser-Bub on it. I might start sending out to other agents too but I’m still waiting to hear from her and thoroughly enjoying the break from the business of writing and focusing on the actual act of writing. The last time she asked for my manuscript I was about 49% done with it but in three days I had it polished and sent off. I was shocked. It was something that had been dragging off for months and I had scheduled an estimate of about three weeks for it but at her request it was ready instantly, so I’m not to bothered about my slacking on this one.

If pressure like the last one comes on again I’ll have it ready in less than two days. What’s cramping me however is that I don’t want to start the sequel until I’ve wrapped up with editing this one so I’ve given myself till Monday and if I’m still not done by then, I’ll just go ahead and begin my sequel.

On to other news- I’ve been reading again. Though it’s mostly romance and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of myself, I’m grateful. I’ve been so busy with school over the years that I’ve not been as obsessive with reading as I should have been but now that I’m done with it I’m trying to get as much literature in my brain as I can before I start with my postgraduate studies in Lancaster next month. All in all it’s been great reigniting my love for literature and of course I’ve gotten jealous time and again of some of the prose that I’ve come across but I can’t let that bring me down- I’ll just improve. For example I formed a new one today when I was editing and it encouraged me for a while. Here goes.

“She looked up at him  and then mumbled a greeting. Nathan, instead of being as irritated as I was stretched a gut wrenching smile and looked at her as if she was the cutest thing since Oreos.”

Pretty good huh… (Please laugh.) 😔 Anyway, that’s that and I’ll be sure to post excerpts of my favorite scenes from the book as time goes on.

Meanwhile my crush, Errol Barnett had some media issues this week. Apparently his reaction when his co-anchor made an inappropriate comment on live tv turned the issue into a twitter attack on the poor woman. At first I didn’t think any of it but when I dwelt on it later I realized that in a way he was wrong. Fine she made a mistake, but she’s human and she was just giving a suggestion which turned out to offend a lot of people. Something she’d never have done if she had known that this would happen. Everyone’s on her case now because of one mistake but no one has applauded her over all the other successful times she’s anchored. It’s expected but it doesn’t make it right.

     People said errol acted professionally but I don’t agree. The fact that he couldn’t control his reaction to her error made this into such a big issue that has no doubt affected her career in some way. He was wrong not to have kept his face blank for the sake of the other woman and gently berate her during the commercials and for that, I’m dissappointed. Here’s a picture of what people are now terming “his epic side-eye”


Anyway, everyone should just move past this and accept that people are people and sometimes they say stuff that they don’t fully understand the consequence of. And also people like errol make reactions that they can’t control. He’s still awesome btw. Anyway as I said nothing to say at the beginning but I’ve still managed to fill this post. *wipes sweat from brow* Now on to more hard work and waiting for results. 

Cheers. 🍺

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