Hi everyone, I’m Omoye Boroni and I’m here to rant again. My top news thus far includes a red blotch break out on my nearly perfect face which and for a very short moment freaked the faith out of me. However, I got myself together, brushed away the dust from my bottom and reminded myself of how much God loves me and so I’m perfectly fine now. My mom of course hasn’t stopped offering to pump drugs through me but now that I’m back to my senses Ive continued to refuse and say “no thank you mom but I don’t believe in pills.” 😊

     The blotches are easing out and so is my unease over yesterday which turned out to almost be one of the worst days ever. It made me realize more things about myself. For one I’m a super control freak and I nearly don’t freak out when situations are bad than I do when I feeling like control is slipping away from my hands. I need to seriously work on that. Also there’s been bumps on the editing of my first book(not the one that’s with mackenzie or the one that’s after the one that is with mackenzie)👌I’ve been delayed because of the culmination of urgent issues that wouldn’t have been urgent if I had just bothered to take care of them weeks ago. Anyway that will bring me to one of thethings  I want to share today. PACING.

     Stephen king said that writing a work of fiction especially a long one at that could feel like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bath tub and I couldnt agree more. My first novel took almost eight months to write and that was unnecessary. I didn’t realize it then but now I can and have written the exact same number of words in just three months and that was when I was in school so I went as slowly as I possibly could. What I want to say is that If youre like me that mostly acknowledges the thrill of writing when you’ve finished the book, your frustration on how quickly it can end doesn’t have to span out for too long. Pace your work. 

     Trust me you can write five thousand words a day and in just twenty days you would have a hundred thousand words in your hands. That’s more than enough for most genres. You can also go as slow as you want and take a year to finish that but one thing you shouldn’t do is fix a rigid frame in your mind. Be flexible and know that whatever time frame you choose is possible and achievable. The important point here therefore is for you to choose. Before you start out, -and I recommend you have majority of the information that you will need- set a time frame for exactly when you want to scribble those glorious words “the end” on the last page of your manuscript. Consciously set a pace and a target in your mind and don’t just hope for the best. You have to consciously choose it and then run after it. 

     I could have finished editing this book of 80,000 words in two days but I didn’t consciously purpose it and dedicate myself to it, so now it’s day three and I’m still not halfway done. So purposely choose and dedicate and despite the bumps on the way in your life and dreams never loose faith. Keep on keeping on, because at the end of the day, this is your journey and you determine the steps and thus the end. 


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