So, people! I’m back again and this time with progressive news. Not good, or fantastic… Just progressive. And it’s better than regressive or discouraging. Those are far heavier words.😊 Now, I’ve still not heard from mackenzie which by now is still perfectly normal but for some reason I’ve seen her interest as a reason to not query other agents. It might be a case of putting most of your eggs in one basket but at this point, I don’t really care. I’m enjoying the mental and emotional break while my hard work is cooking somewhere very important.

In the mean time I had decided to work on my next epic work but fully mindful of the lessons I learnt from the last namely the benefit of outline to help with gruesome research before you actually start writing. There are very few things more annoying than having to pause a perfectly fluent scene to get information. It’s almost as draining as editing and that is another evil on its own. 😒. However, and as expected severe hurdles have already risen but my obsession with a dashing CNN anchor got me thinking of crafting a not too long story on good old fashioned romance. Note: only a true author would thinking of writing another book as a cure for the headache the already written one is generating and also, the dashing anchor is Errol Barnett– and inspiration for most of my male characters and someone I hope to meet in the very near future. 🙏

My mind dashed to harlequin submissions but that led me to an article on the “miserliness” of harlequin towards their authors on which I’m not offering any opinions. I did however remember the story of Amanda Hocking and her rise through Amazon and so I went back to read thus reminding myself at the hope our bitter sweet job sometimes give us. That somehow, somewhere, despite what a bunch of stuffy and opinionated agents think there really are people out there who don’t exactly think that our hard work is all a piece of bull. Read the interview here: Amanda Hocking

Anyhu, It got me thinking and I remembered a sweet story that I had spent a couple of months on. The idea about the CNN anchor would make a great sequel to it so I’ve decided to put out this seemingly abandoned work. As of now I’m dusting off the digital dust and getting ready to work after just a few hours from editing break and I couldn’t be more excited. In our job of crafting other worlds nothing thrills like the tug of a new idea or story and the same way nothing hurts like a stunted one. It’s the perfect depiction of life but I’m choosing to dwell on the former because at the end of it all this is my dream and I’m running after it.


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