This post is to bring you all up to speed on what has been happening in my very beautiful writer’s life. *dead smile* it is divided into three parts.

1. Where I’ve been: I’ve been writing and reading for as long as I can remember but I truly made the decision to start in making my dream of becoming a best-selling author come true on the first of October, 2013. Meaning–> I’ve completely burnt all my bridges.

2. Where I’m at: After two completed novels, (note: I didn’t start writing them on that date) and various other partials, I’m now in the run like many other noble writers in the search for an agent. So far, rejections have made me adjust the manuscript to within an inch of its life – and mine- but now I can say that I’m proud of my work at this stage and that is whats important- for now. I can’t say however, that I’ve really delved into the querying pool but so far I’ve gotten about three rejections. They were all painful but still nothing has stung like the first one…sighs! Anyway now, I’ve been requested for a full by the number one agent on my list (MacKenzie Fraser-Bub of the TridentMedia Group) and now I’m asking; is it too much to hope that my search will end here? from all research and findings the answer is a big and hideous YES, but my prayers have been said so to heaven with all your opinions. *Offers a mighty hug*

3. Where I hope to be: Really, all I want is a big and happy yes from MacKenzie after I turn in this manuscript on Monday and that’s that. Who thinks I’m asking for too much?

Anyway, details on her response in the next post… and I mean her past response. I need to share how my life suddenly flashed before my eyes when i opened her email and experienced a whole new meaning to the term- ‘excitement’.

Kisses ^.^

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